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The Duct Leakage Test is conducted to test the air leakage rate in ductwork to ensure that it has been installed properly and is operating correctly according to design. This test not only helps to reduce energy consumption but also minimizes the loss of air volume. The test must be carried out by NEBB TAB Firm Certified or NEBB CP TAB Certified professionals, and the duct leakage rate must be within the specified range according to standards such as SMACNA, EUROVENT 2/2, DW/143, ASHRAE 90.1.

Testing Reference Standards

  • NEBB
  • AABC

Air Quality Testing Objective

The objective of the air quality test is to perform Cleanroom Performance Testing (CPT) in cleanrooms, negative pressure rooms, and airborne infection isolation rooms, to ensure that the air conditioning systems within these rooms are working efficiently and in accordance with the specified standards. Prior to the CPT, all systems within the room must be completed through the Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) process. The following is a list of testing and measuring procedures that will be performed

  • Airflow Volume Test to identify Air Change Rate
  • Filter Installation Leak Test
  • Room Pressurization Test
  • Airborne Particle Count Test
  • Temperature and Relative Humidity Test
  • Total Viable Bacterial Count and Total Viable Mould Count
  • Lighting Level Test
  • Sound Level Test
  • Room Recovery Test
  • Duct Leakage Test
  • Room Air Leakage Test


ISO 9001: 2015

NEBB Cleanroom
Performance Testing (CPT)

NEBB Testing & Adjust
and Balancing (TAB)

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